What’s It Gonna Be (Demo) Song

So I’ve never done this before, but I thought I’d give it a shot…I thought I’d start uploading some of my songs from start to finish, instead of just posting the “polished” final. I think it’s important to not only put out the absolute best stuff, but also the stuff that is in progress, is messy, or has mess ups in it. Why? Well, for me, I’ve always gotten encouragement seeing actual professional artists have bad tracks or listening to their demos. It reminds the people just starting out that no one is perfect and that everything is a work in progress. It reminds me, “hey, I’m not the only one that doesn’t get it perfect the first time around.” But also, more importantly, I love watching the creative process…the magic that happens when starting with a lump of coal and molding it, pouring your heart into it, and breathing life into it until it becomes a beautiful piece of gold.


Verse 1

I’ve been lookin’ out my window..
Staring, wondering where you are.
I’ve been counting on tear drops
And wishing upon a broken heart.

Baby, if you could hear me,
Would you even call out my name?
There’s nothing like sitting next to love’s fire;
Nothin’ worse than burning in love’s flames,
Burning in love’s flames.


So tell me what am I gonna do
With these never-ending thoughts of you?
Tell me what am I gonna be,
Without you next to me.

So baby, what’s it gonna be,
Stay or leave?
Love or free?
What’s it gonna be?
What’s it gonna be?

Verse 2

I’ve been talking to shadows –
Memories that float in the air.
Misery’s my constant companion,
Providing nothing but despair,
Nothing but despair.

There’s no stars on heaven’s ceiling.
Nothing hangs but the moon.
All my dreams are quickly fading,
Alone, here in my room,
In my room.

Lyrics and Music Written and Performed by Justin Farley

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