Everyday Miracles – A Poem About Finding God and Contentment in Ordinary Things

Finding Miracles in Everyday Life

Nature has so many miracles lurking in the ordinary. We can find so many miracles in everyday life–we just have to learn to pay attention and be mindful which is hard to do in the modern world with so many distractions and with how fast paced life has become. But it’s worth it because our peace of mind is at sake.

Until we learn to appreciate the beauty of dew resting on a flower, the way the wind kisses our cheek, and the healing voices of songbirds, we can never appreciate the micro-miracles of our own lives. We can never live content in the ordinary and will constantly be chasing the dopamine hits of fleeting excitement, constantly be trying to fill the void with possessions and addictions, until we learn to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and gratitude. It is only then that we can witness and find miracles in everyday life.


Everyday Miracles – A Poem About Finding God in Ordinary Things

The clamor of your wisdom claps
like a thousand hands in unison throughout the forest,
calling from every treetop,
and whispering within every breath the wind blows.
Your Spirit is found in the simplicity of a dew drop
and in the caws of a congregation of crows.

You are an invisible hand,
opening and closing doors as you see fit--
not always on my time frame,
not always giving me access to the rooms I wish,
but often I find ignorance is bliss.
For you block my most cherished paths,
knowing they only lead into an eternal abyss.

You are the wise King,
always leading, but serving simultaneously.
With each new day you birth into existence,
I am astonished at your beauty.
You're never hard to find
when my awareness is focused on you
and turned away from the desires of my mind.

Your miracles come in small packages,
constantly sent, but rarely opened.
I look for you in grandiose experiences,
but you keep gently tugging at my sleeve,
urging me to put on my leather gloves
and dig for you in the dirt of the garden.

If I'm not careful,
I can become oblivious to the everyday mystery--
the beauty of a daffodil,
the way sunlight rests upon my windowsill,
the Spirit who speaks when my mind gets still,
and the non-coincidental meetings of strangers,
sharing the exact conversations I need to hear.

Open my eyes when they are blind to your majesty,
so that I may witness your glory
in every root, rock, river, and ravine.
May I read the love letters you've written
upon every stump I pass in the forest,
every deer that crosses my path,
and every squirrel that leaps from limb to limb.

May I marvel at your everyday miracles
and find your fingerprints
upon every piece of evidence
in this case called life.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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-Justin Farley

photo credit: Ontelaunee Creek Tributary (1) via photopin (license)

Last updated 3/14/23


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