Poem About Evangelism and the Great Commission

Vessels of Love

We are all vessels of love -
jars filled with tealights,
made to cradle your flame
and bring it to the darkness.

Our failure is not in missing the mark
but in failing to believe 
we play a part
in the chapters of your story.

You've imparted more power to us
than we often see;
to your own you've given 
the keys to the kingdom.

And while sovereign,
you've set us free 
and called us to a life
beyond bending the knee.

We've been commissioned
to raise the banner 
and march to war
to the ends of the Earth

armed not with swords of shame,
nor arrows dipped in guilt,
nor tongues like battering rams
designed to beat down doors that are locked,

rather dazzled with something foreign,
alien, a splendor only heaven could impart;
You've given us the shield of the Spirit
and placed in our hands the lance of love,

ready to engage both friend and foe
for both are worthy of you
because the battle for that right
was waged and won long ago.

We are all vessels of love
to bring hope and hang a light,
to give the lost something to follow
on their cold, dark night.

Justin Farley

A Voice in the Wilderness – A Chapbook of Poems About God by Justin Farley

Nature’s Bounty – A Chapbook of Poems About Nature by Justin Farley

Thorns of Love – Sad Love Poems About Heartbreak and Break Ups by Justin Farley

My current collections of poetry, all available on Amazon, all written by me, Justin Farley. A Voice in the Wilderness is a chapbook of Christian Poetry, written about the joys, doubts, struggles, and sorrows of the Christian life. Nature’s Bounty is a collection of nature poetry celebrating my love for the outdoors. And Thorns of Love is the first book of three in a series of poems about love, this one being sad, breakup poems.

I write to reach the hearts of the searching, the suffering, the still fighting. I write to soothe my soul and hopefully to soothe yours too. I write to celebrate and attempt to put words to the beauty of life. Here are my published books on Amazon. More to come. A huge, humble thank you to anyone who supports my work.

-Justin Farley



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