Romance’s Introduction – A Poem


Romance’s Introduction – A Poem

Your lustrous eyes draw me in,
Beckon me closer, uninhibited and unafraid;
Allure me to dive into your deep, refreshing sea
Like a moth mesmerized, hypnotized by a flame.

Your curves caress and cause my carnal desires
To flare up in a blaze as a match to gasoline.
Your emotional depth and vulnerability add fuel to the pyre –
A breathtaking bonfire built upon the balance of romance and sexuality.

Feminine longing whispers to my soul
In wisps of wonder like ceremonial incense from across the room.
And I’m dazed to discover my masculinity rousing to respond;
Aspiring to feed your fragrant flower, nurturing and protecting it until it blooms.

Divine delicacy dwindles in distress –
A soul afraid, yet yearning to emerge from the safety of her cocoon.
And I’m entranced by my need to satisfy,
To unveil your wondrous wings and free the beautiful butterfly that is you.

There is no need to tell me what you desire
For your heat radiates like tongues of fire speaking to my heart.
My lady…I know the intimacy you crave, your sensual tidal wave,
And I’m here to tell you I have more than you could ever want.

So unlock your chamber door, undress your distresses,
Drop your defenses, and hand over your hidden and guarded key.
Romanticism is my essence – no more games or guesses –
For my romantic nature is ravished, ready to devour your beauty.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Nostalgic Grace – HD Desktop via photopin (license)

The Pearl – A Poem

oyster with pearl

The Pearl – A Poem

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

Your shell is hard and dirty,
Protecting the smooth gem that resides within.
You may fool the world with your tough exterior
But I know the beauty beneath your skin.

You have not made my search an easy journey,
But I’ll dive to depths unfathomable to hold you.
Oh, you may think you’re not unique or worthy,
But your glimmer has an incomparable hue.

I know you’re scared to be taken from your shell,
But no chest is safer than my heart.
These two hands will protect and never abandon you.
This man is incapable of letting you break and fall apart.

I hold my breath and dive to depths
That others would never dare.
Yes, I risk my death to pull you from the dark,
For to your beauty there is none to compare.

Won’t you come out of hiding
And trust I can do you no wrong?
Won’t you step out of this sea of suffering
And find safety within these arms?

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

Unconditionally – A Poem About Hard Love


A Poem About Hard Love

Perhaps we have been prepared to believe that love is meant to be easy.
Perhaps we have been convinced we can enjoy the spoils of war without a fight.
But true love suffers freely, merely for a chance to behold the light.

Perhaps we believe that we can reach foreign destinations
Without walking love’s long and lonesome road.
Perhaps it’s flawed expectations that leaves us shaking and breaking in the cold.

Love never walks simply for its own benefit,
But walks tiresome miles just to ease another heart.
Love never quits and departs, the second its season becomes strained and hard.

So when you ask me why I wait, why I wish to bear your weight and do so patiently?
It’s because the love I hold for you does not break,
The love I hold for you loves unconditionally.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Two Thousand Years via photopin (license)


We have sailed across the vast sea of love,
Sojourning and searching across the endless waters
For the ship we’ve been waiting for –
And the One to carry us home.

At last, I have found you, and you – I ,
Two shipwrecked sailors, brought together by the hand of the divine.
A beacon burns like a lighthouse in each other’s eyes,
Rescuing us from the depths of our solitude.

We have fought many perils alone
And felt the pain of loneliness over the course of time.
But from here on out we sail together –
Locked hand-in-hand – you and I.

Life unfolds as the beauty of love encompasses us,
And we start this new journey back to land.
For forevermore, two become one and a union of “us” and “we”
Forms the foundation of our plans.

“I Do” embark into a wonder of delight,
“I Do” cherish this gift and will always fight
“I Do” trust in the everlasting power of a love so true
And “I Do” promise with a kiss, that I will forever love you.


Photo Credit: sridharan01 via Compfight cc

The Woman I Used To Know

I don’t know whether to call you
an old love or a new friend.
But our memories together are still pulsing
through my blood, and my heart feels
there are still some loose ends.

But I’m no longer blind
to the barriers that stand tall between us.
I know there must be new seed to sow
to grow and cultivate our trust.

I don’t know what you mean to me,
but your voice still holds a source of delight.
I can’t deny that you don’t visit my dreams
during my slumbers at night.

I miss our embraces, our kisses
and looking into your eyes.
But most of all I miss
having you through life by my side.

I could run away now,
but you’re tugging at my soul-
Lover or friend,
I miss the woman I used to know.

Love’s Introduction (Goddess of the Arts)


You whispered to me in shades of loneliness,
Painted patterns of chaos upon my heart,
Sparked my interest in cool, wet streaks of imagination.
It’s true…
I do not know you, but I know the sound your soul echos,
Bouncing off the walls of the cosmos and beating within my heart.

Your dance…
It’s familiar, for I have the same moves in my shoes
The same grooves that etch down deep and govern my journey.
You are a mystery, a case I’ve never investigated
And I long for the chance to discover the meaning
Of the crime scene you artfully weave into motion.
You may look at me and believe we are separated by worlds
Of difference and Divine circumstance.

But look closer love…
Put on your glasses for we are two flowers of the same vine,
Two sides of a fertile coin waiting to be planted
In the garden of our hearts and grow.
I will follow you through the hedges and rows,
Until you know me and my essence is revealed to you.

Concealed beneath this mask,
Is a reflection you know far too well-
It’s the same that stares back at you in the looking glass.
Are not two artists armed with the power of love
And forged in the fires of pain cast down and branded
With the same names?

Offer me your canvas,
And I’ll paint an ecstasy of passion with my brush,
Filled with the delicate bristles of my touch.
For you I’ll give an open book,
Strung with pages of melody
And bound with words of love.

You are not just a another number
In my pieces of Pi,
Not just another lover
To lay down and satisfy.
You whispered to me in shades of loneliness,
Painted patterns of chaos upon my heart,
And captivated my attention with your gaze,
Oh, how I long for a goddess of the arts.


Photo Credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via Compfight cc