We have sailed across the vast sea of love,
Sojourning and searching across the endless waters
For the ship we’ve been waiting for –
And the One to carry us home.

At last, I have found you, and you – I ,
Two shipwrecked sailors, brought together by the hand of the divine.
A beacon burns like a lighthouse in each other’s eyes,
Rescuing us from the depths of our solitude.

We have fought many perils alone
And felt the pain of loneliness over the course of time.
But from here on out we sail together –
Locked hand-in-hand – you and I.

Life unfolds as the beauty of love encompasses us,
And we start this new journey back to land.
For forevermore, two become one and a union of “us” and “we”
Forms the foundation of our plans.

“I Do” embark into a wonder of delight,
“I Do” cherish this gift and will always fight
“I Do” trust in the everlasting power of a love so true
And “I Do” promise with a kiss, that I will forever love you.


Photo Credit: sridharan01 via Compfight cc

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