Unconditionally – A Poem About Hard Love


A Poem About Hard Love

Perhaps we have been prepared to believe that love is meant to be easy.
Perhaps we have been convinced we can enjoy the spoils of war without a fight.
But true love suffers freely, merely for a chance to behold the light.

Perhaps we believe that we can reach foreign destinations
Without walking love’s long and lonesome road.
Perhaps it’s flawed expectations that leaves us shaking and breaking in the cold.

Love never walks simply for its own benefit,
But walks tiresome miles just to ease another heart.
Love never quits and departs, the second its season becomes strained and hard.

So when you ask me why I wait, why I wish to bear your weight and do so patiently?
It’s because the love I hold for you does not break,
The love I hold for you loves unconditionally.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Two Thousand Years via photopin (license)

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