Walk On

If the road stretches you,
walk on.
Sprint, stumble, or crawl
but walk on.
Don’t look for the exit signs,
the mile markers, rest stops, or places to lodge.
Fix yourself to the road ahead,
not the distractions on the sidelines.
Hold your destination firmly in your hands
and grip it tight, or else it’ll slip
through your fingers and sift to the ground like sand.
When you’re lonely out on the journey,
make perseverance and patience your bestest friends.
Ignore the potholes, the bumps in the road
and no matter if the rest of the traffic clears out by night fall,
walk on.
Don’t be shocked by the weather- it’s destined to change.
When it threatens to destroy you, put on
your pride and positivity.
No one lives in the comfort of summer all year long.
Your journey may have begun under the warmth of the sun,
but fall’s coming and with it a chilly breeze,
warning you of the coming winter
with temperatures guaranteed to knock you to your knees.
There’ll be days when an inch is all your spirit can handle
and others where you’ll float above the weight of gravity.
But do not be distracted by distances.
Even the weakest minds can manage miles
when walking on a smooth, flat plane.
Worry about suiting up and showing up
when misery is calling your name.
No matter what anyone tells you-
not even that voice living inside your head,
put one foot in front of the other and carry on.
Your destination is closer than you ever dreamed.
And no matter what life throws at you,
walk on.

Photo Credit: eflon via Compfight cc


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