The Christmas Gift – A Short Story Free On Amazon For 5 Days

81Ay84qij0L._SL1500_I have just released my second short story, “The Christmas Gift”, on Amazon. It will be temporarily free for 5 days through the Kindle Store. It is a great redemption story for anyone who has ever given up on a dream, especially for artists. As a warning, there are a few mild curse words.

“A depressed man – who has long given up on his dream to become a writer and now holds a high paying, corporate job – gets reintroduced to his childhood through extreme circumstances and finds his love for writing reawakened by a Christmas gift.”

The story can be found here.

You can also find my first story, “The Mummy in the Museum”, which is a children’s/young adult story which is “an adventure of a 9 year old child on a school field trip to their local history museum to visit the new Egyptian exhibit. Trouble strikes when the exhibit turns into a real pyramid with an ancient danger…” here.

I’d appreciate any comments, feedback, or reviews. Thanks!


    • Thank You! My other story, “Mummy in the Museum” is also free right now, but only for 2 more days. “The Christmas Gift” is free for the last day tomorrow then will be $.99. I appreciate your support!


      • I was hoping to re-read the story before I wrote the review to refresh my memory, so that I could write a good long review. But, it wasn’t available for reading anymore. So, I’m glad to know that the short one worked.


      • Sorry about that. In order to enroll it in the free amazon program I can’t have it available anywhere else. You can still download it and my other story for free on amazon. The one won’t be free after today and the “mummy” last day free will be tomorrow. Thanks though for taking the time to review it!


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