A Servant’s Prayer


Lord, stir my heart to seek.
Place my feet on the path where I may find.
Give me the strength to throw my life at your feet.
Allow me to leave my old desires behind.

Bathe me in riches of your wisdom.
May I keep me eyes open to the poor in need.
Let me walk as a servant for your kingdom
And not seek to reign as my own king.

Grant that I won’t succumb to confusion.
Help me accept whatever you’ve chosen for me.
Break down my walls of delusion.
May your abundant mercy set me free.

Let the Word feed my hunger.
Let the Living Water be my drink.
Let the Spirit move me to your great wonder.
Let your Son bestow his everlasting peace.

May the sunrise stir me to your blessing.
May the sunset deserve praise once more.
In faith, may I keep undressing
The ragged robes I once wore.

Shield me from all danger.
May your holy sword slice through all my fear.
Open my heart to the needy stranger.
Humble me as you did when you drew near.

Allow me to never seek to be the light,
But simply a witness to where it shines
And keep my mind always on the sight
Of Jesus Christ – Lord God Most High.


Photo Credit: Waiting For The Word via Compfight cc


    • Thanks for your comment and reblog, Dale! As someone whose struggled with multiple addictions I know how hard those desires are to leave behind. Not only because we know they are “wrong” or “bad”. But because we feel like they are all we have and what keeps us together. They are essentially our functioning savior, and it’s very difficult to trust in a higher power and leave those behind. Most people don’t realize it’s a lot more than “cleaning up your act” and doing what’s right. I can’t change me or my sick thinking. But God can.


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