Guidance Through Prayer – A Christian Poem



Pave paths of love and humility
That lead to your feet –
Through scorching deserts and bitter winters
That I may become patient and meek.

May my woes and tears
Not be shed in vain,
But used as food for your seed,
Falling and nourishing like rain.

If the road I’m on stops abruptly
And boulders block my way,
May I not lean on my own understanding,
But remain patient and pray.

May I feast on wisdom and knowledge,
But save room for the dessert of faith.
For wisdom can guide you to the kingdom,
But it can’t unlock the gates.

Beneath an ocean of water,
I am but a grain of sand.
May I always remember who’s the potter
And who’s the man.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Photo Credit: Rodrigo_Soldon via Compfight cc


  1. Without suffering and bearing our rightful burdens, we’d lack depth as individuals not knowing of compassion or humility. I love this poem because it sums up journey of anyone who’s truly led by the spirit. Beautifully written as always Justin, keep the inspiration flowing 🙂


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