Revival – A Christian Poem About Restoration


Revival – A Christian Poem About Restoration

Take this wounded heart
that beats in its own key
and tune it to the beauty of your mercy.

Gather these scattered fragments –
pieces of man I yearn to be
and mold me in the image of your Son.

Bathe me beneath the waves of your living water.
For you, you are the One
that revives and restores.

In your eyes shines the light of the world
that spreads like dawn across a sleepy morning
and brings sight to the blind.

Father, find me right where I am – weak and dirty.
May I not work, but let you work through me.
I am but a branch, you are the tree of life.

Call, call out to the nations
all who are broken and weary
and let their hearts be satisfied.

Lift us up from despair.
Raise us out from our putrid pits and muddy mires.
Wash us clean.

Where we fail, you redeem.
What we lose, you save.
Revival is coming. Can you feel it?

Prepare your hearts!
Awake! Shake your slumbers from your sleepy eyes!
Open your ears to the name that restores the soul!

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: via photopin (license)

7 thoughts on “Revival – A Christian Poem About Restoration

  1. I’m always left in awe of your poetry Justin, its so beautiful! His mercy envelopes us calling us to live in grace and fulfill the commandment of love…Peace be with you 🙂


  2. This is beautiful!! We are having our annual Women’s Day Celebration, “Resurrection Women, Rejoice, Renew, Restore” at our church October 10 and would like to read this. Would that be acceptable?


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