Baby Smiles – Poem About Parents Love and Raising Children

Baby Smiles
Poem About Parents Love and Raising a Child

Beauty's reflected in your eyes - 
a gift I never thought I'd actualize
in my roller coaster ride of a life. 
But the moment you were born life changed, 
the desires of my heart were rearranged
with you occupying the largest chamber
and given unlimited room to expand.

I knock out rotting walls of old interests daily
every time your eyes are set ablaze
and you smile at me.
With each laugh you set me free,
and I throw another selfish bit of me on the fire
because I desire to be more available to you,
which I can't be if I've already reserved
the moment for myself.

I'm realizing there's more wealth
in the poverty of simplicity
than in the time cards stamped with overtime hours
because you miss out on far too many memories
that time quickly devours.
I'll never get another chance
to watch you grow at this stage of your life.
I'll never be able to earn time back
regardless of how hard I work,
no matter how my investments pan out.
The only interest that pays
is the one compounding in the present moment - 
the more time I invest,
the more laughter I hear and
the more smiles I see.

I'm leaving worldly pursuits behind
because I've found something better
in your little hands,
in your little feet,
in teaching you how to speak,
and even in the mounting hills
of diapers changed
because even in the shittiest moments
I'm learning how to serve
and that may be the greatest education
I could ever receive. 

Justin Farley


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