The Black Veil – A Poem

5150943940_b94fffd722_bThe Black Veil – A Poem

I wear this black veil of despair
Like the wrappings of a mummy,
Covering my self-inflicted wounds.

My face frozen in cold, blank stare
Trapped within my tomb,
Alone in my room.

Why do you continue to test me?
Why do you hold out savory meat
Only to snatch it from my hands?

It is wrong for me to question your authority,
To question the good of your plans,
To hold you in contempt, unable to understand?

I wear this lonely shroud of betrayal.
Spend my days wondering
Why is it I who should be denied?

Haven’t I sought to be faithful?
Why are the wicked given an easy ride,
Never facing near the trials you’ve thrown in my life?

Is it too much to ask
For an outlet to this love,
Just to have a companion by my side?

Each time the die is cast
Comes another lashing to my pride,
Another time where I’d discarded and thrown aside.

Why is it that romantic lovers
Are often the ones alone,
While cheaters, liars, thieves, and betrayers come home to open arms?

But though anger stirs, I’ll patiently wait to discover
Why you seem set on placing me in the midst of harm,
Why alone is always where you think I belong.

I wear this black veil of despair,
But I trust that you know more
Than what sits before my somber scene.

I guess that life is not always fair,
So be my rock upon which I lean
As I wait in solitude until you send to me my queen.

-Poem by Justin Farley


photo credit: Dream is Just A Dream via photopin (license)

The Lamp Light – A Christian Poem About Wisdom


The Lamp Light – A Christian Poem About Wisdom

The lamp light is lit.
The atoning wick sucks up the anointing oil
And is overflowing,
Spreading a blazing fire within my chamber.
I am mesmerized with the knowledge of wisdom –
The calming vision that you lay upon my eyes.
Tear down these fragile, crumbling walls of pride.
Replace them with towering stones that reach up to the heavens –
A fortress of faith that is impenetrable, insurmountable, indestructible.
Place me in your royal castle of solitude –
The holy palace that glimmers in glory atop a hill.
Free me from my own destruction,
And protect me from the voices of delusion that come knocking at the gate,
Coaxing me to embrace the desires of the world, eroding my faith,
And attempting to convince me that I am a prisoner
That must be set free.
Grant me the eyes to see through the tricks of temptation.
Assure my soul that there is but one means of salvation –
That the often times lonely path filled with hardships
Is true because it is so.
Allow me to know your will when confusion strikes
And my will fights with all its might
To cling to what is temporal, easy, and immediately gratifying.
Keep this lamp lit, and may its flame never wane
Or dim against the breeze of change
Or the winds of the world.
May I call you Lord not simply in word alone,
But recognize, answer to, and serve you as a slave to master.
When disaster strikes prevent my fear from persuading me
To cut off these cords and place myself back into control.
May your lamp light my way through the often dark and confusing forest.
May its fires warm and heat my soul
In a blaze of immeasurable glory.
And may I live desiring only to live out your plans
And not to write my own story.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

photo credit: Deepam. Festival of Lights, Chennai via photopin (license)

Hide and Seek – Godly Love of God Poem

image of space

Hide and Seek – Godly Love of God Poem

One, one-thousand.
Two, one-thousand.
Three, one-thousand…
Ten, one-thousand.
Ready or not, here I come.

Just where could you be hiding?
Your favorite spots could be endless
Across an ever-expanding universe.
Are you resting within a crater on the moon?
Riding around the rings of Saturn
Like a spinning merry-go-round?
Swirling within the storms of Jupiter?
Getting a tan upon the surface of Venus?
Swimming through the Milky Way
Like a breakfast grain in a bowl of cereal?

Or maybe farther yet?
Out across seas of space and time,
Multitudes of galaxies Magellan
Would have loved to sail and navigate?
Oh, the quest is hopeless.
I search and search,
Overturning each and every rock,
But never even find a clue.

I must admit…
You’re quite a funny fellow
With a sense of humor I imagine casts a grin
That stretches across the black void of space.
You must get a chuckle and kick
Out of human ignorance.
Because each time I resolve to quit
This game you show up unexpectedly,
Tapping me on the shoulder and staying
Just long enough to convince me
That you’re not done playing.
And the game begins again.

But this game has lasted for years.
The lines and rules have become blurred.
I no longer know who’s hiding and who’s seeking.
Maybe the jokes on me.
Maybe I’m the one who’s been hiding all along.
Maybe I’ve limited my vision to cosmic proportions,
So I could convince myself that even if I found you,
You’d be too far away to reach anyways.

But what if you’re here
Right now
On this very page,
Trying to get my attention that the jig is up –
That I’ve been found,
That, in fact, I was never hidden to begin with.
You just loved me enough
To give me the opportunity to believe I was,
While you’ve been patiently waiting outside the closet door
Like a loving parent, longing to greet me
On the day I’m finally ready to be found.

One, one-thousand.
Two, one-thousand.
Three, one-thousand…
Ten, one-thousand.
Ready or not, here I come.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Space – Antennae Galaxies via photopin (license)

The Light That Shines in the Darkness – A Poem About Hope


The Light That Shines in the Darkness – A Poem About Hope

There’s a light that shines in the darkness.
There’s a destiny waiting at the end of the road.
There’s meaning in the middle of this emptiness.
There’s a reason you’ve been asked to carry this heavy load.

Lessons are taught when we reach out
Farther than we thought we’d ever dare.
Faith abounds when we confront our deepest doubts,
Enduring more than we dreamed we could ever bear.

There’s a dawn waiting at the edge of every midnight.
There’s a seed planted with every fallen leaf.
With every wrong there’s the chance to make a right.
With every hour of suffering there’s an eternity of relief.

Our darkest moments give us the opportunity
For seasons of our greatest growth.
Everyday we work towards continuity
Of acceptance and persistent hope.

And there’s a light that shines in the darkness.
There’s a star that guides the way.
There’s a gate that’s open to forgiveness.
There’s a shepherd who saves those who’ve gone astray.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Point Cabrillo Lighthouse via photopin (license)

Finding Myself – A Poem About the Journey of Self Discovery

lotus flowerBeing and finding yourself is hard. Each one of us is a unique individual, blessed with unique talents and gifts. But each of us also longs for acceptance – to feel wanted, needed, and understood by people. Having the courage to be true to ourselves and discover the individual God created us to be usually separates us from the crowd. I believe it separates us because each person feels this gravitational pole to become greater than the person they are right now, that there is something that is missing in their life, but fear is holding them back. When you dare to become the you that your heart tells you to be, it threatens all those around you and challenges them to also break away from the crowd. And they don’t like that. The world tells you you’re weird, crazy, foolish. The world tells you you’re a dreamer and that you should take the easy road. But the easy road is only paved with failed attempts at numbing yourself to the truth – that until you have the courage to venture on a journey of self discovery, your heart will never be satisfied. Life’s journey is a hard road, but if you stay true to yourself and true to the journey that God intended for you, contentment awaits you.

Finding Myself – A Poem About the Journey of Self Discovery

The search for truth keeps me
Trekking across uncharted lands
And diving under unventured seas
Where I find myself alone,
Without the comfort of familiarity.

I have walked out onto the plank too far
To not take the plunge –
Bound myself in the shackles of curiosity
And distanced myself from past experiences
And previous peers.
I was once a jolly pirate,
But am now the prisoner
They push overboard and feed to the sharks.

But I must listen to the call of my heart –
The call that won’t let me live content
Following worn paths walked by countless others,
Taking the road society says leads to success.
I wish it wasn’t so…
It would be much easier
If I could distract myself from meaning,
From searching for the answers to this string of thoughts
Unraveling in my mind, but I cannot.

I can’t look upon the forest
In the midst of spring,
Watch the birds rest atop
The branches at the break of dawn,
Or feel the wind breathe across my face
Without the taste of some eternal truth
Lingering on the tip of my tongue,
Reminding me of a magic I felt
During days when I was young,
Some glorious mystery that awakens
My taste buds and makes them yearn for more.

I am a seeker,
Seeking beauty, seeking truth.
And to deny myself the journey of self discovery
For the sake of comfort
Is a travesty of my heart
And of the one who created it.

It’s never easy to abandon the crowds,
Leave the pack,
And become a lone wolf,
But by keeping the status quo
You’ll never find the piece of yourself
You’ve been missing all your life –
The piece of you that you’ve been afraid to acknowledge,
The piece of you that connects you to your destiny,
The piece of your puzzle that fits perfectly into place
Forming a beautiful portrait,
And the piece of you that makes you come alive.

It’s time.
You’re ready.
Share the real you
With the world.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Another year.
Another day.
Another chance to seize destiny.

To stand in front of the mirror,
dreaming how much prettier I’ll be this year,
glorifying and gloating in myself.

But resolutions quickly falter
and that glass altar I worshiped at
shatters before I even make it to spring.

This year, I don’t want a temporary fix
for a wound that reopens time and time again
and has to be restitched.

I don’t want a band-aid
for my cuts and bruises
or a momentary muzzle for my excuses.

I want a whole new man,
stripped of my ragged clothes
and adorned in the sparkling, white robes

of your righteousness and majesty.
This year, I am resolved to become
more of you and less of me.


Photo Credit: Kurayba via Compfight cc

My Heart Needed You


My heart knew it needed you
the minute it took its first beat.
Your name was on the tip of my tongue
the minute it first learned to speak.
Yet, I crawled and slithered
through the tall, green reeds
ducked and darted my head beneath the water’s surface,
hoping you wouldn’t notice me
or the deeds I’d spent so long trying to bury
in my backyard, but that kept coming
back up to the surface of my mind –
my secrets unraveling like a ball of yarn,
stretched out across the years of my life.
I never believed that I could deceive you for long,
just trick you long enough
so that I could hide and have my way,
always planning on coming back to you
Sometime, somewhere along the way.
But what I thought was freedom
turned out to be a ball and chain –
a slave to my own misery,
a slave to my own pain.
But still my heart needed you
and still my tongue longed and desired
to confess your name.
Even when I didn’t think I needed you,
you never quit calling,
you never left me on my own,
but left your voice to pitter-patter upon my heart,
whispering and leading me home.


Photo Credit: stefan.dotti via Compfight cc

Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

sunrise at dawn

Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

The cool, clean air welcomes me
from my slumber.
Dark nothingness surrounds me
like a safe cocoon, like a nurturing womb
that shuts out all the distractions and clutter
and noise and anxieties and all my insecurities
until it’s just You and me,
connected between time and space
and the beauty of the universe wears your face.
In the early hours before dawn, long before
the rest of the world even begins to stretch
in their beds and yawn,
I groove to Aurora’s song.
And it’s just the way I like it.
For it is not filled with the loneliness of midnight mourning,
but of peace, hope, and joy knowing
there’s a new day dawning,
begging to wash away yesterday’s failures if I let it.
And most of all, I love tuning into my morning lessons –
a student seated in nature’s classroom.
I get to watch the Master artisan
paint another picturesque portrait across the sky.
Though you’ve painted thousands before this
and only you know how many thousands more await beyond today,
I never greet the day with boredom.
Your paintings never fail to captivate my heart and capture my soul.
Each day leaves me mystified by your majesty,
and each day’s lesson leaves me breathlessly asking


Photo Credit: Reezy MD via Compfight cc

Dancing With God


I saw you at the dance,
glanced at you from the corner of my eye.
But I was much too concerned with my appearance,
felt too stained and ugly, so I let you walk on by.

I watched you jiving out on the floor,
wondering what it’d feel like in your arms,
to sway to the beat of the music –
rhythmically rapturing, securely safe from harm.

But fear kept me from advancing towards you,
sat alone in the corner on my fold up chair,
arms crossed, head down, periodically peeking
up to see where you were, captured by your majestic air.

For beauty never seemed so lovely.
No star ever shined so bright,
with glory fluttering around
like strands of shimmering light.

Light blazing, making stars seem
like cold, dull dust,
Making gold seem like a paper thin metal,
and plagued by rust.

The only place a boy like you would find me
was in my wildest dreams,
so imagine my surprise when I looked up
and saw you coming to me.

Taking me in your hands,
you smiled and whisked me away.
Twirling to the music
and leading the way.

But I soon found you were not quite the dancer
that you were in my dreams,
many times letting me falter
and getting in the way of my feet.

I kept my mouth shut,
but inside I kept wondering if I should lend a hand,
to show you the right way,
to show you the right plan.

Soon I got tired of being tangled
in your distorted dance.
Set once again on sitting by myself,
far from the reach of your hands.

But then I looked up and found you
with another partner, perfecting the waltz.
My eyes had never seen a dancer quite like you –
perfect in every way, without any faults.

So doubts raged inside me,
questioning why you played me for a fool.
Pretending to get lost in the timing,
leaving me falling and treating me so cruel.

But another thought arose,
one that I didn’t want to admit.
What if I was the one to blame?
What if it was over my own feet I tripped?

Again, I glanced up at you,
and you caught my eye and smiled.
How could you have hurt me,
one so meek and so mild?

But I’d wasted my chance,
blew my opportunity with you,
so I settled back in my chair
back in the corner of the room.

But when the song was over, I felt a hand
on my shoulder, was surprised to see your face.
Offering another chance at love,
extending your endless grace.

So this time I did not let my own feet carry me,
but allowed you to carry me in your embrace.
Catching the first glimpse of the fruit
and delighting in love’s sweetest taste.

I wrestled with you for ages,
then let my guilt and shame keep me from Heaven’s romance.
But you came to me in my lowest moment
and invited me to join you in the dance.


Photo Credit: Dance Photographer – Brendan Lally via Compfight cc

The Cries of the Sheep

The sheep lie scattered across the valley,
each one willfully wandering away from the fold.
Heads down, walking blind, grazing
on grass that devours the soul.

Yet, the evening leaves them frightened,
and the darkness shakes them, shivering in the cold.
They each look out across the withered pastures,
surprised to find themselves so far from home.

And as the wolves gather in droves, howling and closing in
the sheep’s cries can be heard across the night.
Crying for the comfort of their shepherd.
Crying for the hope of the light.

The master hears his lost sheep,
and they respond to the sound of his voice.
Gladly saving them from the grips of the wolves’ jaws,
by laying down his life.

For the good shepherd, there is no distance too far
nor valley too wide or deep.
“His steadfast love endures forever” and will always answer
the cries of his sheep.

Photo Credit: EssjayNZ via Compfight cc