The Winds of Grace and Truth


God does not lie hidden in churches, does not remain enclosed in a secret tomb that only gets opened once a week.  He is the light that penetrates the clouds on a dreary day, the rain the falls down from the heavens, the beauty in the sound of a piano key being struck or the vibrato in a angelic voice.  God has no chains.  The only chains he has are the ones we try to shackle him in.  Open your hearts and your minds, find a dark, quiet room.  As the outside world whirls like a tornado, listen carefully to your heart.  Do you hear it speak?  Do you feel the warmth spreading through your soul?  This is the one that we try to confine to dwell only in churches.  This is the one we can only visualize living in a place far, far away called heaven.  But he humbled himself and lives among us.  The real chains we put him in are those of the mind.  We let the screams of the EGO drown out the whispers of the soul.  Before long, we can’t even hear the Spirit anymore…we’ve forgotten what he sounds like.  But the Spirit never sleeps and patiently awaits the day that we may tear down the walls that we have thrown him behind and allow him to take us on a journey through a life without limits – with both pain and joy, dark and light.  A life where we realize we are never alone.  A life where we realize that we haven’t put chains upon God, but upon ourselves.  We have allowed our fears and doubts to convince us that we are only men and women. We are sons and daughters of God! Fetch the key to your shackles and let your spirit flutter freely in the winds of grace and truth.


Photo Credit: maf04 via Compfight cc


  1. You are right, that God is not confined within the walls of a church. He is all around us and sees our every move and hears our every thought. With that said though, there is something very special about coming together as a group in His name. Especially if you have a good God loving group of people.


    • Completely agree. I was not intending to dismiss worship at all. Confining God to church for me meant more of the tendency to meet once a week and act as if God stays in church and does not dwell with us the rest of the week. I think everyone has their place where they “feel” God the most. Sometimes I have a tendency to forget about God the rest of the week, and I think that’s a fairly common problem. That’s what I was trying to get at.


      • I understand completely, and you are right that there are places where we feel most connected to Him. It is important to seek Him there, wherever there is for each individual. You’re absolutely correct about how people seem to forget about Him during the week. People who go only once, often feel that they are left on their own the rest of the week. It shouldn’t be that way though. There are so many ways to connect.


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