The Weary Traveler

I’ve followed you weary traveler,winding road
Followed you across the desert plains.
Laughed with you in the sunshine,
Cried with you in the rain.
I’ve watched you walk along the barren road,
Even extended a helping hand.
But you insisted you had life under control
Time and time again.
Yet, in this stillness of silence
All alone underneath the swollen moon,
You’d cry for someone to hear you,
Someone to wash away your blues.
Delighted, I’d run to you
To help bear your aches and pains,
But alas, again you’d dismiss me
As providing nothing but binding chains.
So like a lover who watches their beloved
Seeking fulfillment in another’s arms,
i watched in grief along your journey
While you were wooed by the world’s charm.
You’d look for me in your money,
In desire, freedom, and fame.
All the while I was beside you,
Steadily calling your name.
Weary traveler, your legs are finally defeated.
Your soul is in need of rest.
Now you cry out, “Where are you?”
My son, don’t you know, I never left.


Photo Credit: Monica Arellano-Ongpin via Compfight cc


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