Pondering At Sunrise – A Christian Poem On the Beauty of Nature


Pondering At Sunrise – A Christian Poem on the Beauty of Nature

I look out into the morning sky,
Waiting for the curtain of night to lift,
And the same questions I’ve sought answers
To for ages keep rolling through my head:
Why can’t I accept grace as a gift
And not as a reward to be earned?
Why do these doubts keep nagging at me,
Even when the truth has been revealed?
Why do I have to examine and scrutinize
Every minuscule detail and refuse to believe
Unless I can see and touch you with my eyes and hands?
Why do I continue to play you,
constantly trying to solve your mystery
And needing to know all the answers?
Why do I still not trust you,
Even though you’ve shown me no reason to be alarmed?
And why do I continue to push you away
When my soul longs and years for you love?
My pondering has almost made me miss
The beauty of the sunrise.
I look out in the morning sky,
Admiring the beauty of your creation,
And for a moment, my questions become irrelevant.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Photo Credit: aquabahn via Compfight cc


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