Shine Your Light – A Christian Poem

5271714030_283dbaea27As Christians, we are not only called to follow Christ, but also to lead others to him. Evangelism is a good thing, but all too often it seems the Great Commission is used as simply a way of spreading the Gospel through words. Very few people are actually converted through words alone. While Jesus’ words are powerful, what really attracts us to him are his actions. He didn’t just sit back and teach, but actually went out and practiced what he preached. The early church flourished because of the love that Christians showed. People saw that something was different about them. It then led people to wonder why they were acting so beautifully. And then their hearts were opened and able to hear the Word of God.

More than ever, our world is hostile to references to religion and the Bible. Simply spreading the Word of God is not going to be enough to bring people to Christ. We have to live in a way that makes people realize that something is different about us, that there is a force within us that others don’t have. When we live out the Gospel, we soften people’s hearts so that they are able to hear it. Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35) Are you showing enough love that others would know you are his disciple?

Shine Your Light – A Christian Poem

If you find a light illuminating in the darkness
Don’t keep it hidden,
But hold it high for all to see.
If you find the key
To all the people living in bondage,
Don’t let them continue to drag their shackles –
Set the people free.
If you find sheep wandering lost without a shepherd,
Grab your staff and lead.
You don’t need to be perfect or experienced –
The starving don’t need a royal banquet,
Just someone to feed.
If you come across fields
Where harvests are few and far between,
Don’t be afraid to sow –
To replace scorched earth with pastures of green.
And if you find the royal highway,
Don’t just tell others where it’s at.
For words carry no weight
If they’re not attached to acts.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: 4. Advent 2010 via photopin (license)

One thought on “Shine Your Light – A Christian Poem

  1. Every gift comes with a responsibility, especially when its the gift of faith and the friendship we have with Christ. If we don’t share it with others, its value is lost. A lovely reminder that we ought to live through our actions than mere words for others to experience Christ’s love; that we are instruments in his hand to bring him glory and praise by sharing the gifts we receive of his mercy with others.


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