I AM – A Christian Poem About God


I AM – A Christian Poem About God

I have painted a masterpiece for you
And inscribed my name upon every branch,
Every blade of grass,
Every rising sun,
Each shimmering star,
Each full moon,
And the trunk of every tree
So that your eyes may look upon my creation
And see me
And know that I AM.

I am the wind at your back –
The breath that breathes life
And remains invisible,
Yet detectable.

I am the warmth of the noon sun –
The hand that caresses your face,
The giver of light,
The guide that leads in the darkness.

I am the bright morning star –
The keeper of creation,
The initiator of dreams,
The great cosmic wonder.

I am the electrifying thunderstorm
That dances in bolts of lightning across the sky,
Able to be witnessed and experienced,
While remaining distant and mysterious.

I am the innovator of progress,
The wielder of inspiration,
The potter who takes great pleasure in his art,
The forger of the past, present, and future.

I am the shapeless who became shape,
The limitless who became limited,
The intangible who became tangible,
The immortal who became mortal.

I am the master who became a servant,
The writer who became the WORD,
The one who shackled himself
So that you may know my name.

I am the bearer of iniquity –
Sin’s hunted trophy,
Strung up to drain in the backyard,
The Lamb, bled and broken for you.

And I speak to you.
I offer you my abundant mercy
And whisper to your heart
In a language only comparable
Of a mother to her newborn child.
My majestic glory radiates from within
The fabric of every new day.
Hear my voice roar from the mountaintops.
I AM yesterday, today, and forevermore.
My existence is undeniable to the humble heart.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: via photopin (license)

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