True Love Defined – A Poem


True Love Defined – A Poem

True love doesn’t live in fairy tale castles
Or dwell among happily ever afters,
But breathes between two pairs of eyes,
Acknowledging the wreckage that resides between them,
Vowing that no matter what,
They’ll see each other through,

That as lost as they are,
They’re in this together,
And no matter the cost or weather,
Nothing will keep them apart.
True love doesn’t rely on feelings
But the promise of a heart
Beating back against the resistance of the tide –
Continuously lapping and wearing away patience over time.
True love says that no matter what I’m feeling right now,
No matter what my selfish desires say I deserve,
I choose to keep my promise,
I choose to love and to serve.

We all claim to be searching for love
But do our tongues speak the truth?
Are we willing to do
The actions love requires
Or do we remain too busy,
Too lazy, too selfish, too tired?

True love doesn’t fall
For maybe’s, might be’s, and will be’s
But is fully satisfied with right now’s –
Loving their beloved just as they are
In this very moment,
Spotted, speckled, and blemished.

True love is not a mighty lion,
Roaring with pride through the jungle,
But a beast of burden –
An ass that labors endlessly
And trudges along sacrificing daily
Until the road ends and life’s journey
Across grassy hills and through bare valleys
Is complete.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Connection via photopin (license)

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