When Christians Love Their Religion More Than Their God

Stephen Mattson

Instead of promoting Christ, Christians often promote … world.

their theology

their culture

their values

their creeds

their traditions

their spiritual practices

their specific type of baptism

their required form of communion

their style of sermon

their church

their denomination

their definition of salvation

their philosophy of evangelism

their form of ministry

their brand of worship

their interpretation of Revelation

their interpretation of the Bible

their favorite leadership model

their social customs

their laws, rules, and regulations

their political beliefs

their moral values

Imagine if Christians introduced people to their God instead of their religion.

Unfortunately, we often evangelize our own specific type of Christianity to other Christians rather than sharing the Gospel with unbelievers — preferring to convert, criticize, and attack our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ because we feel their version of Christianity isn’t as good as ours.

In a pluralistic society obsessed with consumerism…

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  1. Exactly what we talked about…! Well written post, read the article on the original website, couldn’t agree more…”Introduce people to our God, not our religion”….

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