“When Fate Knocks At Your Door” – A Poem

2218949283_5b822ed649Most of us have a vision of the way we think our life should go. We have a certain career path that is right. We have a certain type of spouse that is our fit. We have a certain idea of a family, a house, a life. But life rarely follows our course. And thank God for that. Sometimes the person that knows what we need least is ourselves. That doesn’t mean we should live lives without discernment, but we should open ourselves to possibility and not run from situations that don’t seem to be a part of our original plan. We choose what we want. God chooses what we need.

“When Fate Knocks At Your Door” – A Poem

When you hear fate knocking at your door
Do you answer it?
Or leave it to wait upon the stoop
Like some door to door salesman,
Pretending you’re not home,
Waiting for them try their luck next door?

Or do you welcome it into your home,
Inviting it to track the mud of its hard travels
Across your polished floors and spot-free carpets
And accept the gifts that it brings?

Do you put demands on fate,
Shackle it up in chains like a jailed prisoner
And try to reap the rewards
While staying in control,
And steering clear of the risk of damage?

Fate is not a caged animal –
It roams where it pleases.
It only thrives when it’s left open to possibilities.
Sometimes the biggest surprises,
The things we’d never choose,
Are the things we most deeply need.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Porte for the Porteño via photopin (license)


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