The Great Unifier – A Poem About Love


The Great Unifier – A Poem About Love

It is love that spands the cosmos
Unaltered by time,
Unmoved by distance, years, wrinkles,
Or finite desire.

It stands tall like a lighthouse at sea,
Promising to keep a lantern lit,
A light radiating regardless of how hard the wind whips
And how thunderous the sea’s waves boom and crash
Against its foundation.

It is the power that lasts,
The one fuel that replenishes itself
With each selfless expression of affection.
Love is the treasure that never rusts
That remains when the rest of the earth rots away.

It is the gift endowed by the creator
That transcends the explanation of evolutionary biology,
The clue that points upward
And paints a purposeful pattern upon life’s canvas.

Love is one of the few emotions
That can’t be felt alone,
Emphasizing our need for humanity
And affirms that we were built to live in community.
It provides the greatest potential for change –
The greatest motivator to improve the quality of life.

The need for love is woven into our DNA.
We spend our lives looking for it,
Yet it is of little importance
In the evolutionary survival of the human race.
But we all yearn for it.
We all need it regardless of sex,
Nationality, or skin color.
It is the great unifying force
That God’s children all share in common.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Day 51 – Together via photopin (license)


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