The Day Love Bore the World’s Pain – A Poem About Jesus’ Crucifixion


The Day Love Bore the World’s Pain – A Poem About Jesus’ Crucifixion and Good Friday

Plunged into the depths of our sin,
Flogged for our failures,
Pierced for our pride.
The blood you sacrificed
Restores the soul to life.

In your mercy you drank the cup of wrath
That was destined for our lips.
Humbly took what we deserved,
Even as mankind sealed your fate with a kiss.

You did not consider pain a problem
To be dealt with from the safety of heaven’s throne,
But cast yourself as a suffering servant
To bear sin’s price alone.

We do not serve a king
Who saw not a glimpse of war,
But who fought on the front lines.
We can call him “Abba, Father”
Knowing he understands the tears in our eyes.

On that day, love bore cold iron nails,
A crown of thorns,
And carried the sin of the world upon his shoulders.
Say what you want about him,
But the cross prevents you from saying he doesn’t love you.

But the cross was not the end.
It was the beginning.
A trail was blazed through sin’s frontier,
But the path still stands before us.
Our own cross waits to be borne and carried.
Our own flesh waits to be crucified.
Will you follow him when he calls?
Will you die to yourself
So that you may be reborn in spirit?

The Crucifixion stands as the greatest act
Of love the world will ever know.
But let us not forget that he didn’t give his life
So that we could ignore action,
But that we may find the faith to take it.
Jesus calls us everyday to discipleship.
It is not enough to be a bystander to the cross.
Are you willing to follow him?
Are you willing to pay the cost?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Crucifixion via photopin (license)

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