Something, Somehow, Somewhere, Somehow – A Love Poem


Something, Somehow, Somewhere, Somehow – A Love Poem

Something about you soothes me
Like a long gulp of cool water
Down my parched throat.

Something about me moves you,
Some miraculous ability to keep your eyes
Blind to my mountains of misfortune.

Somehow you capture me,
Lasso my heart and rope me in
With the sweetness of your soul
And the warmth of your smile.

Somehow I woo you,
Speak in tongues only understood by your heart
Finding my quirkiness beautiful
And my thoughts like poetry in motion.

Somewhere we spend the days entrenched,
Enthralled in each other’s arms
Spending our hours embraced in kisses
And watching the curtain of day close
Behind the horizon and the sun depart.

Somewhere we sit engaged in conversation
Speaking the thoughts we thought unworthy for human ears
Sharing our fears and letting out
The madness of our souls we’ve tried
To remain caged for years.

Sometime we will share a dance,
A gentle swaying across the ballroom floor
Combining forces, casting out control,
And combusting as one.

Sometime we will see each other again,
And I for one will rejoice with delight.
So until then I feast on the memories
You and I shared last night.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Cupid and Psyche via photopin (license)

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