Love’s Admittance – A Love Poem


Love’s Admittance – A Love Poem 

A line in the sand was drawn –
Some invisible wall designed
To keep out the pangs of love.
But here you stand
Unscathed by my defenses, moving freely
Around the interior of my heart.

A thief I would gladly capture and exile,
But your garb is whiter than snow,
And you wear heaven’s smile on your brow.
My dogs do not bark and growl
With your entrance,
But wag their tails and leap to land
Kisses on your face
Desiring to taste the beauty of a zealous heart.

I do not know where you came from
Or which guard admitted you
Within my castle’s gates,
But I must thank them
For destiny dances in your eyes
And fate frolics in the sweetness of your lips.
My ever thought out and drawn out plans
Have become ad lib
And flow like free, fierce rapids
Surging towards its depository without control.

I do not know where this swift moving
River is carrying me,
But I float and drift without resistance
Accepting the inevitable drop and decent
Down love’s waterfall.
I do not cling to my old ways.
I do not arm myself and stand ready
To defend my freedom,
But gladly surrender the keys to my kingdom
And kneel at your feet.
For within your breast beats a heart
More beautiful than any I’ve ever seen.
You fill my cup.
You mend the broken whole.
Of you I can never drink enough.
Your waters invigorate your soul.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Arundel Castle gv via photopin (license)

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