Stutter Step – A Poem


Stutter Step – A Poem

Like a quick, passing glance
The foot falls of our dance
Stutter and come to a halting screech.

Not through random chance,
Nor matters of unforeseen circumstance,
But because you refuse to leap.

Leave matters of the heart to faith.
Believe and dream in the life that awaits
For you just outside your locked door.

Don’t let fear determine your fate.
Life doesn’t stop for those who wait,
And what once was may soon be no more.

Our love is frosted and frozen –
A block of ice, still alive, but goes unspoken.
My heart is foaming at the mouth trying to hold back the words.

The flaws of another aren’t tolerated, but chosen,
Knowing that both strengths and weaknesses make up our person,
Each trait beautifully flapping in our soul as one like a flock of birds.

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your birds take flight,
Ruffling from your feathers the ghosts of night
And summoning up the courage to chirp a new song.

But darling, perfection will never be within sight.
Love doesn’t just love the times we’re right,
But loves despite the wrong.

The dawn is breaking.
The sun is waking.
But to see it, you must open your eyes.

I know inside you’re scared and shaking.
You’re afraid of the fallout – the heartache and breaking
But take off your mask and see that I’m still by your side.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: tango color via photopin (license)

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