The Siren’s Song – A Poem


The Siren’s Song  – A Poem

Standing in the shadow of sullen memories
My mind rocks, crashes, splashes
Like the roaring waves of the open sea,
Bound within chambers of emotion –
Locked within the prison cell in which my heart has sentenced me.

My heart moans, mounts up upon scattered fragments of possibility
But shatters at the examination of reality.
Working unceasingly to keep this ship afloat,
Patching, plugging leaks that spring up like gales
Sudden and without warning.

But the Siren’s song won’t quit calling,
Stirring up this longing, this yearning to head back to shore
Safe, secure, free from my most triste tempest.
But these promises, these wishes that feast upon my ears,
This music of passion, of love, of hope that I hear…
Can it be trusted?

Is it a foolish venture to believe a Siren?
Do their mouths ever sing words of truth?
Odysseus had bonds of rope to aid him.
I have nothing but a lonely, battered heart
That beats with desperation, drumming a dirge.

Oh, the urge to listen and be drifted away is intoxicating;
It’s spellbinding, overwhelming, capturing.
Mustering up every ounce of discipline
To keep this ship on course – to not stray from my destination.
Eyes wide, fighting to keep determination alive – full steam ahead.

Do Siren’s ever become desperate enough
To venture from the shore, to come out from behind the safety of their rocks?
I’ve trusted too many songs that sounded out in sweet chorus,
But they never refrained from grief. No. It’s time to stay docked upon the sea.
I’ll keep my ears open to the Siren’s song, but never turn to listen
Until the Siren comes to me.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley


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