Blossoms of Hope A Collection of Inspirational Poems about Mental Health, Healing, and Spring by Justin Farley

I’m excited to announce that my fifth poetry collection, Blossoms of Hope by Justin Farley, is now available on Amazon. The book is the second in my series of mental health and nature poems revolving around the seasons. Each book of the series focuses on one of the seasons. Half of the book contains nature poems that revolve around the season and half of the book centers around a mental illness / mental health topic I feel the season personifies. This poetry collection focuses on spring, new life, and hope during mental illness / hard times.

Coming out of a “winter” in your life is so joyful, and I attempted to portray that in this volume. The changes in nature are also just as beautiful and hopeful during spring. Also, though, I have tried to celebrate the beauty of choosing joy and hope even when it would be easier to give up. I hope this collection of spring poems and inspirational poetry lifts your spirits!

Please check out the first book in this series, Frozen Rivers, that focuses on poems about winter and living with depression and mental illness if you haven’t already. Frozen Rivers is the antithesis of Blossoms of Hope and describes the pain and hardship of living with mental illness. While their is some hope in the poems, it is a collection of mostly dark poetry. I wanted it to be real, raw, and hopefully make others who struggle relate and know they are not alone in their darkness.

Link to paperback copy of Blossoms of Hope – Inspirational Poems About Mental Health, Healing, and Spring

Link to paperback copy of Frozen Winters – Poems About Winter and Mental Illness by Justin Farley

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