A Light in the Darkness

When all lights have been extinguished
And it seems all stars have faded to black,
When all mock your name
And this cold world leaves you on your back,
When sickness leaves your body limp
And you’re unable to make it on your own,
When friends turn against you
And you feel you’re all alone,
When you can’t seem to leave troubles behind you
And you make the same mistakes time and time again,
When you search for happiness in the same old places
And find your wretched heart plagued by sin,
When your pride blinds you
And you think only you know the way to succeed,
When at last your selfishness breaks you
And you’re in your deepest need,
Old friends will be forgotten,
Old loves lost in the past,
But family- the love of your family
Will always last.


Photo Credit: Yashna M via Compfight cc

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