God’s Promises – A Christian Poem

Stained Glass depicting the Holy Spirit as a dove


God’s Promises

It is said faith can move mountains,
So why are you still looking for a way around?
In the desert the Lord will raise fountains,
So why are you still worried water won’t be found?

It is said “a faintly burning wick he will not quench”*
A weak heart he will not break.
So why are you shielding your flame from the wind
And afraid when you feel your heart begin to ache?

He promises to uphold you
And keep you in his arms,
So why do you let trouble shake you
And believe you’ll come to harm?

He makes a new path for you,
But in terror you walk the other way.
Tries to give you clothes fresh and new,
But time and time again, you strip them away.

He promises to walk you through the trials.
Promises that you won’t be consumed by flames.
But still you live your life in denial,
Denying the power of his name.

Refining in the heat of his glory,
You believe he’s let go of you.
But turn towards the cross’s story
And remember the pain he bore for you.


(*Quoted text taken Bible verse from Isaiah 42:3)

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Photo Credit: Waiting For The Word via Compfight cc




  1. Thanks so much to the author of God’s Promises. Poetry is how I best journal and express myself. And so, it truly spoke to me to read such a deep and beautiful poem. It is so true that we easily rely on our own strength, and forget the promises, true promises of God. What a comfort! This was for me, tonight.


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