Will You? – A Love Poem


Will You? – A Love Poem

Will you dance with me for a moment,
Take my hand and let me waltz you away?
Will you whisper to me your dreams
And tell me tales of yesterdays?
Will you open your heart for just a minute,
Just long enough for me to plant a seed?
Will you let me be your knight in shining armor,
Let me protect you in times of need?
Will you lie with me beneath the willows
And share the secrets of our souls?
Will you share kisses with me by the fireside
And let me love you when you’re grey and old?
Will you take a chance on a lowly pauper,
Believe that with you by his side he’ll become a king?
Will you give me the chance to prove
I can make your soul jive and sing?
Will you let me teach you my sorrows,
Share with you leaps of faith?
Will you be my partner on this journey,
Traveling towards heaven’s gate?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Winter Fire via photopin (license)

One comment

  1. Awww…you keep writing like this, you’ll surpass Napoleon Bonaparte’s romance quotient 😛 Superlike this poem 🙂


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