A Plea To Love – A Poem


A Plea To Love – A Poem

Oh, this wanting, this waiting,
This endless pursuing
A feeling that waxes and wanes
Like the cycles of the moon.
Her eyes dangle like glistening diamonds,
But close and pass out of sight much too soon.
I squander the hours away,
Smoking the days up like cigarettes in puffs of smoke
And the minutes vaporize into dark oblivion.

Where are you, Love?
If you’re not out there
Won’t you quit rattling my chains,
Whispering my name under the mystery
Of midnight moons?
Won’t you quit humming your melancholic madness
In my heart like a shitty tune
You can’t seem to get out of your head?
I’ve buried you far too many times, Love.
Won’t you consent to staying dead?

But somehow I know you won’t be satisfied
Until you mop the floor with my heart
And wring it out dry, letting all hope and happiness
Drip to the floor.
Love, LET ME BE!
Let me go and leave me to run free
Across the dusty roads
Without tracking their dirt into my home.
Oh, Love..you and I have had a good run,
But it’s far time you left me alone.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: crowed moon via photopin (license)

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