Entangled in Your Love – A Poem About Intimacy With God


Entangled in Your Love – A Poem About Intimacy With God

You are the cool, autumn breeze,
The great mystical force that brings me to my knees,
Stupefied in awestruck wonder.
I miss you when you’re not near,
When your shadow no longer covers me
And hides me beneath your wings.
But I seek. But I search.
And you reveal new things
To share with a humble heart that remains
Unstiffened by pride and unhardened by selfishness.
My intimacy with you unfolds
Like a slow, savoring feast, sucking each piece of meat
To the bone and delighting in its marrow.
Your revealings stir my soul,
And my tongue salivates, thirsty for more,
But you control the door.
You are the unmoved gatekeeper
That lets bits of knowledge pass at just the right time.
Beloved, I invite you into this heart of mine.
I hope you do not find the darkness uneasy
Or the decay unsettling.
But you wipe my walls clean.
You restore me from the inside out
And dive into a sex with my spirit
Indescribable. Unbelievable.
An orgasm that lasts throughout the day.
You mingle with my soul like a dog at play
And leave me chasing you around the backyard.

“My beloved, you are the summit of my creation,
The language that my essence speaks,
My work manifested that is forever complete.
You are my untainted bride
Who waits at the alter with her virginity intact.
I long to give you the water
That will nourish your dry lips and parched heart.
Open yourself to me and let me enter
Penetrating with my power
And releasing my love within you,
Oozing into the recesses of your heart.
Do not worry about your performance, love.
Do not worry that you’re too defiled, too dirty, and too stained.
For your heart has been reclaimed.
My love conquers all, and I stand unchanged,
Unmoved by the mighty, unwithered by the years.
I AM the LORD your God, the almighty who drew near.
I long to tangle with you between the sheets,
To thrust my love into you
And dance with you in a union so close…so intimate…
That every inch of your soul goes undiscovered and unkissed.
Spread yourself to me and receive the bliss
Of eternity that awaits you.
I the LORD, creator of heaven and earth,
Love you with every fiber of my heart and all my soul.
Beloved, I am the mind-blowing, cosmic orgasm
That leaves you satisfied, soothed and forever whole.”

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: img130 via photopin (license)


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