Crash, Burn, and Devour



Lost in your eyes is where I find myself,
Swimming in their auburn depths.
In their warmth, I want to drown myself,
For I know it would be the sweetest death.
Your touch is like a burning fire,
Leaving a smoldering path in its wake.
Every inch farther makes my heart sing higher,
Keep going, give me all I can take.
The feeling of your lips on mine,
Fuels the fire building inside of me.
Higher and higher, up the flames climb,
Until I’m burning in sweet ecstasy.
Skin against skin, we melt together,
Becoming a single entity.
In your arms I could fall forever,
In the process, I’m losing my identity.
Take all of me, take everything I am,
I want to lose myself in your touch.
I’m breathless at the touch of your hand,
I’m powerlessly held tight in your clutch.
Crashing against each other like a tidal…

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