Free – A Love Poem About Being Yourself


Free – A Love Poem

Just when I thought I’d seen it all,
You burst onto the scene
And shattered my expectations within
An hour of your spirit’s introduction.
Since my first glance there has been no reduction,
No doubt that left me questioning my desire for you.
My passion is a steady rising –
A flood of love, lust, and delight
Ready to pour over the river banks.
This is my warning.
There will be no half ways or test licks.
Your soul will be kissed from head to toe.
I do not want to test your waters,
But to dive in head first,
To be lovers and thirst for each other’s hearts,
To feast upon the passions and pains
That have remained hidden
In the deepest chambers of our spirits.
There will be no you’s and me’s
But only we’s –
Two broken human beings reforged and molded as one.
You are my sun –
The bright shinning light
That reveals the path before me,
The warm, cozy aura that covers my face.
I yearn to savor your taste,
To digest your very essence
One new revealing at a time.
You are a gift from the Divine,
A present far greater than my wildest dreams,
Leaving me wondering what I’ve done
To deserve you my queen.
Bend down and let me crown you.
Then allow me to kneel before you
And give you authority over my heart.
Take it. It was yours from the start.
I needed no waiting, no casual dating,
Your character was confirmed
By the thumping and jumping of my heart.
Entwine me in all your ways my love.
Hold nothing back.
All your desires, dreams, and demons
Are safe with me.
Love, for the first time in my life,
You make me feel free to be nothing but me.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: IMG_4140 via photopin (license)

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