If Only … – A Love Poem

crow in winter on a log

If Only …

– A Love Poem

If there was a way to pluck my beating heart from my chest,
I’d let you have it. Just to give you the comfort
Of knowing you could crush it at a moment’s notice,
Just so you wouldn’t feel so vulnerable, so weak, so full of fear.

If I could bind my arms and legs up in chains
Just to assure you that I’ll never leave,
Well, I’d be happy to be your slave, call you master,
If it’d make you feel less afraid.

If I could seal my lips shut
After I promise that my love is true,
Just so you know I can never take it back
Well…I’d do that too.

If I could cover myself in filth and reopen my every scar
Just so you wouldn’t feel so dirty,
I’d surely jump at the chance if I knew
That it would help you.

But I can’t.
And it’s killing me.
That my words carry no weight.
For they are the tongue of my heart,
Written with the ink of my tears
And etched with love’s bitter sting.
Without trust, love has no breath to sing.

So what now, my poor heart?
Are there any tricks left up your sleeve?
Any way of breaking the barriers of this madness?
Any way of convincing, so we don’t have to leave?

Oh, my poor, broken heart,
Can’t we just set these silly testimonies aside?
Can’t you read the truth, my love
When it’s written within my eyes?

Do not feel guilty for the thorns
You’ve stuck in my side.
But won’t you please pluck them out!
Don’t make me say good-bye.

photo credit: Crow attack via photopin (license)

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