Books and Tattoos – Why We Love Reading

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I don’t have any tattoos. I’ve thought about it but have no real desire to get one. Mainly, I think, because I’d want my tattoos to be meaningful and represent myself in the present as well as the future. The problem with my personality is that I change so much and have such a vast menagerie of interests that it’s hard knowing what wouldn’t just embarrass my future self. Plus, I’m not overly fond of needles…so I stick to books.

Books? How are books anything like tattoos? I’ve heard many people describe feather quill pen with ink bottletattooing as a way of using their body as way of documenting or telling the story of their life. Tattoos are an artful, physical representation of one’s “self” – the person you used to be and the person you are now. They embody your personality and interests on your skin.

Books do the…

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