Reunion – A Love Poem


Reunion – A Love Poem

From the moment your voice
First left your lips I knew you.
I recognized you from my soul’s masquerade,
Dancing across love’s ballroom in dream.
I remembered you from my subconscious longings,
Some pattern painted across my mind
To give me ample warning when you walked through my door.
You have finally arrived,
And I want you by my side forevermore.

It is you and you love only I adore.
It is not enough to be near you;
I want to be in you,
To explore all your hidden chambers
And recesses that hide in the dark.
You are the spark that sets my heart on fire,
The wielder of my desire,
The key that I’ve been searching for
To unlock this strongbox within my breast.
I long to watch the morning dawn
Together in perfect intimacy.
I want to ride through your rolling rivers,
Delight in your vulnerability,
And to lick up your waters when I’m parched of thirst.
I want to love you so hard that it hurts
And always leaves me phenin’ for more.

I am certain I’ve known your heart for centuries.
How else do I explain this mystery, this familiarity,
This comfortability, this friendship
That did not form but was reawoken
Like a sleeping dragon in a cave.
Love, do not be afraid,
For I am the keeper of your heart
That protects its every beat.
I lay my freedom down at your feet
And gladly bind myself in your chains.
I long to do my master’s will
And beauty is her name.

I have missed you.
It has been eons since we last parted,
But this time our plans will not be thwarted.
I will have you, and you I,
Until the end of time.
It took me a moment to remember our memories,
But now they shine brighter than the rays of the sun.
Past has become present.
Our reunion has begun.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Horsehead Nebula via photopin (license)



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