Love’s Sacred Rite – A Love Poem


Love’s Sacred Rite – A Love Poem

Lie down beneath the moonlight.
Celebrate with me in love’s mystery tonight.
Shake the dust of past experience from your clothes
And lay on me, my dear, your lonely woes.

For I want you and all of you –
Not just the pretty parts past loves knew.
I want to know your every secret, your every pain.
I want nothing in your heart to be left contained.

Let me peel your petals back like a blooming flower,
And let us dive into the suns and storms of life together.
Won’t you take a chance and accept my invitation,
To dive and dance together in life’s celebration?

On your lips lies the deepest yearning of my heart,
For love, I knew you were the one from the very start.
And it’s no longer a want, but a need.
Beauty beckons – I need her like I need to breathe.

Strip down until your heart is bare before me.
Hold nothing back, love, set your insecurities free.
May our souls entwine and exist as one.
May our shadows share a kiss that can never be undone.

And we shall lie beside the candlelight,
You and I united together in love’s sacred rite.
And I vow my heart will my ever true,
For from its first beat it was thinking of you.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Christmas – Creative Commons by gnuckx via photopin (license)

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