Reflecting On The Journey

With all positive change comes great adversity.  All too often, adversity stops us short of ever seeing the positive change that only happens by pushing through difficult times.  Even when positive changes are transforming our lives, we are so focused on the discomfort that we are unable to see them.  We reluctantly look forward, overwhelmed with how much farther we still have to go and never glance behind us and see just how far we’ve come.  

In the present moment, it is impossible to reflect on the person we were in the past with any sense of accuracy.  We think we haven’t changed, all the work we’re putting in isn’t making a difference, or we wonder if things have actually gotten worse.  The people around us typically notice the changes in our character before we do.  Part of our problem is the assumption that change is supposed to be easy.  Change is always going to be difficult.  We love what feels familiar and comfortable; change means inviting the unfamiliar into your daily life.  If you’re comfortable during change, you’re probably not making much progress. 

It’s important to not dwell on the past, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to realize that you’re a different person than you were a week, month, or year ago.  When your journey gets tough, try not to focus on how many more miles you’ve got to go, but how many miles you’re come.  And you’ll discover that miracles are unfolding all around you.  

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